The Bruno Acampora fragrances are the ultimate expression of the author's creativity, meticulously hand-made, they are the crown jewels of Italian craftsmanship.These high-end essences envelop the story of a long olfactory voyage, which began 40 years ago.                                  Bruno Acampora perfumes are sold in the prestigious showroom on Via Filangieri in Naples, former office and art studio of Bruno Acampora.It' s one of the best fashion boutiquesand niche perfumeries, both in Italy and abroad. Everyday, tourists and loyal customers visit the showroom.                          Adelicate touch upon your wrists and neck. That is all. Such a discrete yet long-lasting presence may be obtained only by selecting the most precious elements from their lands of origin. And by creating these essences in keeping with tradition, phial after phial.                         Elegance and style are blended together with the handmade characteristic to give the product a distinctive effect and value. The main feature of the brand is its craftsmanship, its meticulous attention to detail.Precious raw  materials are used daily at the Bruno Acampora workshop and antique procedures are still adopted, throughout the use of the traditional processes of extraction, maturation and preservation. The Acampora essences are pure oils characterized by long lasting and distinctive notes.   


A 40 years

old Story



Via Filangieri 72, Naples, Italy  

Rare oils, rare sensations



the  expression of high quality


  •      Via Filangieri, 72, Naples, IT









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