Body Wash - new collection
Body Wash Azzurro di Capri is Acampora's latest essence, a homage to summer on Italy's Azure Isle. Delicate but pervasive marine notes merge with summer flowers, herbs, and Mediterranean jasmine in an accord completed by the warm embrace of patchouli,...
€ 39.00
Musc - Body Lotion
This moisturizing body lotion glides on the skin giving it elasticity and a comfortable feeling of freshness. A real veil for the body, scented with the most sensual musky fragrance in the world, to indulge in a cuddle during the...
€ 69.00
Musc Natural Scrub
Renew your skin with the delicate touch of Musc Natural Scrub: the exfoliating power of Apricot Kernel combined with the nutritional well-being of Argan Oil give exfoliation and hydration in a single gesture. The pleasant scent of Musc will stay...
€ 88.00
Iranzol - Body Cream
Iranzol body cream arouses the most transgressive sensations by enveloping your body like a second skin, to give you the seductive warmth of memories linked to moments of pure amorous ecstasy and hard to forget encounters. An olfactory alchemy that...
€ 120.00
Jasmin T - Body Cream
Jasmin T body cream has an enveloping fragrance, capable of transporting you to a world suspended between dream and reality. Its soft texture, born from the combination of cyclamen, jasmine and cloves, is a moisturizing, fresh veil with a floral...
€ 120.00
Musc - Body Cream 200ml
Our best seller Musc in a limited edition body cream! It's impossible to go unnoticed if you wear this unique essence. The musky notes are intense and seductive to celebrate a past in which this fragrance, thanks to its precious...
€ 120.00
Musc Hand Sanitizing Gel
Musc Hand Sanitizing Gel A formula created by the Acampora laboratory with extracts of Salvia Officinalis, to cleanse and disinfect, and Baobab oil to preserve the correct skin hydration. All this sealed by the magical Essence of Musc.Hydroalcoholic gel solution,...
€ 25.00
Volubilis - Body Wash
"Volubilis: exploring a gorgeous palette of olfactory sensations.  An essence that mixes the feminine sensuality of floral tones and the masculine strength of warm woods. Its notes transport to an exotic and sandy place: in Morocco, where the famous and...
€ 39.00
Blu - Body Wash
A unique blue dew inspired by the tuberose, captivating and persistent flower. Symbol of carnal sin, during the Renaissance era it was forbidden for young girls who could fall into temptation. Today there is nothing more seductive than Blu. Notes:...
€ 39.00
Egoi - Body Wash
The patchouly leaves characterize this harmonious symphony inspired by the Basque divinity associated with the south wind. A psychedelic journey that winds between the fresh notes of citrus and the sweetness of the cedar, until it fades into a soft...
€ 39.00
Vert - Body Wash
" Vert: simply green(fr.)  An elegant and seductive vetyver. The warm touch of cedar wood softens any masculine exuberance: the essence is unisex. Unique in its kind, this woody vetyver presents spicy chunks of pepper, cardamom and nutmeg playing with...
€ 39.00
Blu - Body Cream
With the bewitching and fresh notes of orange blossom and the intense scent of tuberose, Blu body cream is born. A cream that recalls the forbidden essence for young girls who could fall into temptation in the Renaissance era. The...
€ 120.00
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