Gli Sbagliati - Summer Box
The 7 fragrances must-have of your summer wardrobe. Here you are the selection of 7 essences in oil suitable for summer, packaged in an elegant silk-screened box, in convenient 2.5ml format. Collie Volubilis Capri blue Musc Gold Blu Sandan Before T.
€ 198.00
Gli Sbagliati - Untagged
"Live wild, smell Untagged.The youth of Acampora is not bound by any traditions or rules. Rebels, untagged, free spirits who live for adventure.Just like the time they were born in. 5 Pure Essence 2,5 ml each: Bruno Ruby Azzurro di...
€ 169.00
7 Classics - Gli Sbagliati
The 7 Acampora original fragrances in an elegant silk-screened box.Inside the mini-kit you will find the following Pure Essences in a 2,5ml format:Prima TSballoMuscSeplasiaJasmin TBlu Iranzol
€ 198.00
Acampora54 - Gli Sbagliati
An elegant silk-screened box containing the seven new essences of Acampora 54.Inside the mini-kit you will find the following 7 fragrances in essential oil (2.5ml each):BrunoYoung HeartsRead my MindRelight my FireKeep on DancingRobin Freak Chic
€ 198.00
Tadema - Gli Sbagliati
"An elegant silk-screened box containing the 6 essences of Tadema.Inside the mini-kit you will find the following 7 fragrances in essential oil (2.5ml each): Musc Azzurro di Capri Volubilis Malum Mentuccia Romana Citrea Prochyta "
€ 198.00
7 Rules - Gli Sbagliati
Elegant box which contains our Classic Essences of 2.5 ml: Blu, Jasmin T, Seplasia, Iranzol, Sballo, Prima T, Volubilis, Bruno, Musc Gold, Musc Or choose 7Rules Edition to receive the box with all the 7 rules collection: Vert, Sandan, Egoi, Où,...
€ 198.00
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