Olfactory Arts since 1974

Born from the creative personality of its founder, the Acampora essence house was officially founded in 1974. Bruno Acampora, heir to an important family of Neapolitan glove makers, became one of the protagonists of high fashion in Italy, as well as a lover of perfume. He decides to offer for sale in his boutiques, including “Sagan” in Capri, the first Acampora perfumes, until then produced for himself and for a few friends. Acampora's MUSC becomes the first example of Niche artistic perfumery in Italy - and still remains an unstoppable commercial success today.
Bruno Acampora Profumi


From the first drops of Essenza Pura, Bruno's passion for artisan perfumery continued, leading to the creation of a small materials laboratory in which he began to select the best raw materials from all over the world to create fragrances with a traditional extraction technique. cold.
Bruno Acampora Profumi


The same research is carried out by Brunello Acampora and his wife Sonia, preserving the craftsmanship and quality of the fragrances and adding a touch of "modernity" with the new Collections: the 7Rules, the Tadema Collection and the Acampora Studio 54.
Bruno Acampora Profumi

The Art and Olfaction Award

Among the latest creations, Young Hearts stands out, awarded at the Art and Olfaction Award in Los Angeles as the best perfume in the independent category. A combination of freshness and classicism that encompasses the courage and audacity of a timeless perfume.
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