Musc Gold - Pure Essence
Musc Gold is the evolution of Musc with a floral contemporary character. Using an intoxicating accord of the most precious Italian neroli with its honeyed and solar touch, it adds a touch of modernity to a timeless essence. A delicate...
€ 142.00
Azzurro di Capri - Pure Essence
Azzurro di Capri is Acampora's latest essence, a homage to summer on Italy's Azure Isle. Delicate but pervasive marine notes merge with summer flowers, herbs, and Mediterranean jasmine in an accord completed by the warm embrace of patchouli, amber, and...
€ 142.00
Volubilis - Pure Essence
"Volubilis: exploring a gorgeous palette of olfactory sensations.  An essence that mixes the feminine sensuality of floral tones and the masculine strength of warm woods. Its notes transport to an exotic and sandy place: in Morocco, where the famous and...
€ 142.00
Mentuccia Romana - Pure Essence
The Mediterranean coast is a paradise for the lovers of aromatic herbs, and some of them are very special, like pennyroyal, or mentuccia romana, a very special kind of mint that is softer and more floral, with refreshing and calming...
€ 142.00
Citrea Prochyta - Pure Essence
Classic with a twist, Citrea Prochyta could is a vintage-style refreshing cologne made with the best lemons found in the idyllic island of Procida. The heart brings energy with aromatic notes of rosemary. But this lemonade is not that simple...
€ 142.00
Malum - Pure Essence
The juiciest apples picked from the orchards by the Mediterranean coast make us smile with their sweet scent and nourishing flavour. In Malum, a profusion of apple juice is tuened deeper with spicy tones of ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and anise....
€ 142.00
Pompeii Red - Pure Essence
When the spicy sweetness of cinnamon meets the freshness of jasmine and carnations, Pompeii Red is born. A little woody, a little citrusy, a little floral: it is difficult to place it in a specific category. Pompeii Red is created...
€ 142.00
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